Need Help Choosing a Wedding Cake? Our Top Tips

cake-1814225_1280-1024x683 Need Help Choosing a Wedding Cake? Our Top Tips

There are usually a MILLION things to decide on when planning your wedding, and the wedding cake tends to be one of those main decisions. 

Here at the Blue Keys, we have seen some beautiful cakes, when holding wedding events and if you’re struggling to choose the perfect cake for YOUR wedding, we wanted to share some of our top tips: 


Good old traditional fruit cake lasts longer than other types of cake and is still the preferred choice of around 20% of people getting married.

However, how many people do you know that actually like fruit cake? It can be a shame if you have spent a small fortune on your cake which whilst looks amazing, is only going to be mostly wasted. 

One of the most popular wedding cake flavours is now Red Velvet. Named for its beautiful deep red colour, it perfectly represents romance on your special day.

Alternative flavours to take note of include chocolate, vanilla (who can go wrong with this classic flavour?) or gorgeous tangy lemon.


How many people are coming to your wedding? Depending on your budget, if you want enough for each guest, take note of how many people are coming and give this info to your cake maker. They will then be able to advise you on the size of your cake.

Consider the weather

This point is often the most overlooked but can be the cause of disaster depending on the type of cake you choose!

If you’re planning on getting married in the summer or a hot country, stay away from whipped cream and buttercream as they melt. Ask your cake maker for recommendations on the best types of cake/ frosting for hot weather. 

When To Order It For

If you’re ordering a cake that only stays fresh for a couple of days, then you don’t want it delivered a week before your wedding! It can, however, be quite nerve-racking waiting for your cake to be delivered the day before or the day OF your wedding and this is why you need to make sure you choose a reliable cake maker. 

Do your research and read all of their reviews. Make sure they are reliable and if they are transporting the cake to you themselves, make sure you take into consideration how far they have to travel. If they are travelling 50 miles to deliver the cake to your venue, what happens if traffic is terrible that day?

Make sure to discuss allof the delivery details with your maker as far in advance as possible to ensure peace of mind.  

Have Your Cake And Eat It!

Seriously, this is your wedding day so don’t forget to enjoy your own cake and save some for yourselves. Ask your caterer to save you a nice big slab to help and soak up the post-wedding hangover the next day 😉

Planning weddings can be stressful but most people forget that this should be one of the best days of your lives. Plan in advance and use the support of friends and family (and a wedding planner if your budget allows) to make your wedding planning as stress-free and fun as possible. 

Right, all this talk of wedding cake has me hungry! I’m off to raid the cupboards for a Jaffa cake!